capsule berlin 
Co-founder & Art Director 

capsule was founded as a way to bring electronic musicians who we found talented but underappreciated out into the world, according to the constraints of the pandemic. It has also been an exercise in refining skills in design, PR, social media, IT, and audiovisual recording. Planning for the project started in late fall 2020. The next months involved refining the concept, organizing materials and personnel, developing the website, and solving technical problems related to distribution.´╗┐


Starting in February 2021 capsule launched officially, streaming video and audio of DJ sets Thursday nights on YouTube. In addition to the streams, capsule has provided each artist with professional photos taken at designated photo shoots and photos taken during recording sessions. As of April 1, 2021, capsule has recorded and released performances from 14 DJs, with programming continuing every week with one or more DJs for the foreseeable future.

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