Motifs in 21st Century Perception

This publication was designed for Graduation Project in 2017.

Motifs in 21st Century Perception is aimed to study the subject of re-designing Anatolian kilim motifs in accordance with 21st century perception. With this nearly extinct craft, the weavers always expressed themselves by storytelling through shapes, colors and patterns which were designed hundreds of years ago. However, existing traditional motifs do not fit today’s needs semantically. In order to create modern motifs, the project observed our constantly evolving lifestyle and its impact upon our emotions. The output is the semantic catalog, containing motifs both adapted and built from scratch. This catalog creates new areas of usage for the motifs by becoming a pattern source to be used in a contemporary product line.

In the installation where this publication was exhibited, there is one table for reading the publication, carpet for feeling comfortable, pillows for sitting and a lightning structure for seeing the publication. All of them designed by another designer, using the adapted motifs in the catalog.

Photos: Doruk Kumkumoğlu