No.8 is a project that was created for Altcity Istanbul. AltCity is the project of British Council which visited Istanbul through a partnership of Digi.logue and British Council Turkey after Sao Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), and Bogota (Colombia). During the two-week residency program, which put technology at the heart of production methods, 12 chosen artists from various disciplines collaborated with New Media artist collective SquidSoup, to create tech-based works that were inspired by Istanbul’s chaotic urban structure to be exhibited at the Digi.logue Space at Zorlu Performing Arts Center. The exhibition Across the Line looked for a new sense of balance and harmony through mixed media, installation, coding, light, sculpture and mechanical applications.
Deniz Derbent - Hazal Döleneken - Ufuk Barış Mutlu - Ege Selçuk - Meltem Şahin
No.8 is a chamber that plays a composition for kinetic structures by Istanbul’s chaotic or noise-making materials. Inspired by the urban structure where accidentality and control co-exist, the chamber installation focuses on the transformation within moving mechanical constructions prepared by noise-making or quiet materials hidden in the corners of the city. The eight constructions inside the chamber and the movement of the materials represent a human-made world. Trying to adapt to the city that changes form, the mechanism deals with the power of movement, the paradoxical relationship between noise and music, how order meets chaos, and the new harmony created in this context. Written in notation, this movement and physical construction portray how we form new connections with chaos and urban life with the clarification of mechanical nature. Demonstrating the struggle to exist in the complex urban life, the mechanism is an expression of the accidentality’s effort to exist in a new order.

October 2017, AltCity Istanbul, Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Digi.logue Space, Istanbul.

2017, Istanbul