UNTITLED's the first screening at Planetarium am Insulaner in Berlin for 2nd-semester exhibition of M.A. Media Spaces at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.



The letters emerge from the two-dimensional plane and they construct three-dimensional structures. When they try to understand, people get lost in this meaninglessness/inanity more and more.

Every day, we are surrounded by the flow of information that is thrown at our sight. Every moment, we are circled by all of these symbols and meanings. We are made to float inside this two-dimensional data, but the only thing left is a bank of letters in our brains.

UNTITLED aims to liberate these letters from this endless flow of data. Now, they are detaching from the two-dimensional plane, and gain multi-dimensionality. While they come together and construct three-dimensional structures, the purpose is to make people get lost in this meaninglessnes. The more one tries to read and understand, the more they will get lost in this maze of letters. In the end, all we have left in our memory has no significance to us, but only a strong visual impact.

Deniz Derbent
Ipek Yanaraltin
Chiara Ascorti

Marius Friedrich / Houschyar
Erce Onder / Regret

Special thanks to David Brüll, Thomas Noller, Philip Krüger, Planetarium am Insulaner / Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte, University of Applied Sciences Europe

Bengi Coşkun
Carlos Serrano